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Indian Judiciary the Third Pillar of the Constitution has played important role for imparting justice throughout the country as well as building of nation by protecting the community at large during the time of need. Now judiciary being the justice giving system has become the important part of the society.

 Public in general are taking more interest to see the important verdict and directions of different courts given through different judgements and orders.  Due to development of network system and awareness of the public who are away from the court can also get information about the important judgements, orders, date of adjournments, case pendency, status of different courts and historical aspects of different courts of the district even sitting in their own house. As per the direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court as well as Hon’ble High Court through e-Committee different District Courts of India have opened their District Court website to give all information to the litigants, lawyers, general public, and to all other persons who are interested to know about the judicial system. The main objective of developing this website is to,      

  1. To give information about historical aspect of different courts of the district and their function;
  2. To provide information about the pendency of different courts of the district;
  3. To inform about the adjournment of cases of each court;
  4. To provide important orders and judgements of the court;
  5. To give all facility to know about the case position pending before different courts.