On 16th.December,2012 there was a gang rape on 23 years old female, while she was travelling through  a Town Bus at about 9.30PM with his male friend after watching a film of  South Delhi at Saket . Soon after the socking incident there was strong  public agitation throughout the country with a protest that there is no sufficient law, protection and life security for the women. Offences against the women day by day increasing due to lack of sufficient punishment, delay in trial and police investigation.
                Soon after this incident  J.S.Verma Committee the former Hon’ble  Chief Justice of India enquired the matter and submitted a report within 30 days with a suggestion to amend criminal law to sternly deal with sexual assault cases. The committee has urged public in general and particularly eminent jurist, Legal professional N.G.Os., women group and Civil Society to share their views, knowledge and experience suggesting possible amendments in Criminal Law and other relevant Laws to provide for quicker investigation, prosecution and trial and also enhanced punishment for Criminals accused of committing sexual assault of an extreme nature against women.
                After suggestion of J.S.Verma Commission report the Criminal (amendments) ordinance was promulgated by the Hon’ble President of India,Sj.Pranab Mukharji on  3rd. February 2013 which provide amendment of Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act. and  Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and Laws related to sexual offences.
                Looking into the alarming situation  the State Government of Odisha consulted with Hon’ble High Court of Odisha for early investigation of sexual offences against women and the speedy disposal of cases. As per the request of the State Government Hon’ble High Court of Odisha proposed to open 30 numbers of Special Track Courts  in all the  District Head Quarters to tray the offences against the women which are exclusively trible by Court of Sessions and also given instruction for issuance suitable instruction to the Magistrates to consider the matter of taking early cognizance which are exclusively trible by the Court of Sessions and supply of Police Papers to the accused within 10 days for early commitment of the case. Vide Hon’ble Court  Notification No.46/A dtd.22.01.2013 Registrar Ciivil Courts, Kendrapara was appointed as assistance Sessions Judge in the Sessions Division try the offences against women.
            On 06.02.2013 Special Track Court was established and which was inaugurated by Hon.ble District & Sessions Judge, Kendrapara Sj.Bijoy Ketan Mohanty and the Registrar Civil Courts Sj.Susanta Patel became the 1st Presiding Judge of the Special Tract Court.
            The objective of the Special Track Court is to dispose the cases against the Women exclusively trible  by Court of Sessions  as quick as possible as per the need of the society and to prevent repetitions of the such offences in future by giving exemplary punishment which would create impact on the society  at large to decrease the offence against Women.